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At SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles we build vehicles superstructure using own innovative construction and technological solutions which adapt each vehicle to individual customer expectation. The vehicles produced by the company are designed for public services and other entities interested in special vehicles. Our offer includes a wide range of vehicles that operate under extreme conditions. Experience in the construction of special vehicles since 1992 and cooperation with leading R&D centers is the key to our progress driven in construction, manufacturing technology, ergonomic solutions and technical equipment. Thanks to that we offer our customers the best solutions to their needs. The results of this approach are numerous inventions and utility models which are protected by patent law. They are the values added to each of our vehicles. The main group of our products - fire fighting vehicles - is subject to these guidelines:

• meeting the requirements of Polish traffic regulations, including those relating to privilege vehicles,

• complying with the provisions of PN-EN 1846-2,

• holding a valid certification of admittance of products used in fire protection, issued by the CNBOP accredited certification body in Poland.

The flagship vehicles of the Company SZCZĘŚNIAK are based on a patented modular system that allows easy configuration of vehicles in the initial phase of the project and modification of the already produced car. This solution significantly shortens the repair time in case of failure of the module.



Thanks to the latest 3D CAD technology, the bodywork of each vehicle is individually selected and professionally designed with accordance to ergonomics, functionality and proper load distribution on chassis components.

Computer aided design and access to online information about majority of chassis manufacturers, results in detailed knowledge of each manufactured vehicle, already at design stage.



Detailed design and documentation of components is a basic guideline for the efficient manufacturing and installation of components.



The process of production and preparation for installation of components requires us to use our modern machinery and all necessary specialist equipment in every individual production unit.



Thanks to the standardization and precise preparation of components, we have significantly reduced the time required to build and equip Our vehicles, which has significantly reduced production costs. It allows us to always provide our end-user product with high quality products, produced by our staff.

Positive motivation of employees, together with a high level of competence, allow us to ensure the highest level and quality of our products. It helps us to provide our customers with short delivery times. Before a vehicle is delivered to the customer we always train future users to optimize the use of the vehicle's technical parameters and safety.


Aiming for continuous improvement and innovation at every stage of production is an integral part of the mission of the company SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles Ltd. Constant improvement, especially in the area of quality, expanding the offer, implementation of new technologies and increasing the brand value are strategic goals of the company for the coming years. In summary, the current position and status on the domestic market is undoubtedly the biggest success and the pride of the entire team working for SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles Ltd.

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